Características Principales

Estamos aquí para ayudar a las empresas y los individuos a crear aplicaciones profesionales iPhone, Android, Amazon, de Windows a un precio asequible. Usando Appsmoment es realmente fácil. No es necesario ser un experto Xcode, un gurú de Java o un desarrollador de software en absoluto para construir sus propias aplicaciones iPhone, Android, Amazon, Windows. Puede empezar a crear aplicaciones nativas para iPhone y Android de inmediato. Elija una plantilla, fácil editar y dar formato a su contenido, a continuación, añadir fotos y archivos multimedia.

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Add the new content for your live app and we will send your updates through the cloud to every single device that has your app.

Push Notifications

Pop-up messages from website to all of your users devices.

In-App Purchases

Offer digital content such as virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades, and more for purchase within your apps.

Interactive Map

Displays your current location and location items near you on an interactive map.

App Share

Help your customers spread the word about your app via Facebook or email.

PDF Editor

Have a unique app on the App Store and Google Play with multimedia PDF in it. Embed video and audio content in your PDF files and give your magazines or books a new life.


Publish your magazine for Newsstand (iOS 5 and higher).

Game Applications

Over 30 Different Game Application templates to work with.

Login page

Reserve access to particular pages for dedicated accounts.

Image Overlays

Take a picture with camera and overlay it with funny images. Drag, move, zoom, and rotate. Then post on Facebook or email.

Search Application Content

All application content is indexed. Searching by keywords will display a list of pages that contain the keyword you are looking for.

GPS and Directions

Displays a location on an interactive map. Shows current location and directions to the desired destination.

Image Mosaic

Create image thumbnails and view images full screen with the ability to slide and rotate.

Your blog in your app

Include your mobile web page in your app. The page will load from your server.

Let your customers promote your app on their Social Network channels.

Share on Facebook

Share your app on Facebook. Share page content of Facebook. Login with Facebook account.

YouTube Video

Embed YouTube videos in your app and link to YouTube channels.

Twitter Integration

Tweet and respond to tweets from your app.

Create an app with a modern new look and custom tabs.

Wheel Navigation

An interactive wheel style menu with 8 slots. Each slot opens a separate page. Wheel image and click sound can be customized.

Calculator Page

Easily implement your most complex formula to display a result based on the user?s input.

Track your detailed app statistics using Appsmoment Statistics. Track the number of installs and the actual application usage (the number of times applications was activated).

Prompt users to scan QR codes at your sales point and offer discounts.

Upload an image and create a customizable greeting card. User will fill in a custom message and send it by email to his contacts or post on Facebook.

Enables native features using web techniques.

Add this feature in your app and create amazing panoramas.

Native PDF & EPUB Readers with smart navigation and pleasant animation.

Web or native — the way you want it.

Image View

Rich imaging capabilities starting from basic galleries to 3D modeling.

Ultimate way to make a mobile app for your business in sales. Target all markets around the world with your products and services. It doesn?t matter what it is: food, garment, gadgets, etc.

Sell media and other types of content on subscription basis. Add In-App Purchases to your app to monetize it.

These are not only opportunities for you to benefit from our service but get paid by your customers as well.